Technical and economic construction consulting

Feasibility studies

User cost analyses

Maintenance and operating cost strategies

All property and project developments have one thing in common: each of them is unique.

This calls for a tailored approach depending on the terms of reference and the problem at hand. Structuring and defining this approach is the task of an expedient Development and Real Estate Consulting.

Starting point is the definition of the terms of reference including objective test criteria. If you want to close a project successfully, you primarily need to ensure three things: intent, feasibility and profitability.

Our Development and Real Estate Consulting service is based on three pillars:


Feasibility studies

We prepare technical and economic feasibility studies for development projects, both for new builds and for existing buildings.

The aim is to optimize the specified return within the constraints of the relevant legal and technical outline conditions.

Proposals for use

Nothing is subject to more frequent changes than the use. We develop and optimize building use plans with a high alternative use potential.

The aim is to make your property as flexible as possible to ensure its future viability.

Strategies for the building operation

We advise you on your operating programme. For this we can draw on a comprehensive set of benchmarks for evaluating your property.

The aim is to optimize the maintenance and operating costs over the entire lifecycle of your property.


REELAB value added:

With our experience in project and transaction management and the additional real estate management qualifications acquired by our team, we have a deep understanding of all parties involved in the project.

In line with our philosophy, we call in partners from our network as required.

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